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Toronto social media marketingToronto social media marketing has opened a lot of growth and expansion opportunities for small businesses. However, the misuse of social media has always made plenty of business vulnerable to social media disasters which have drastic effects on a business’ image and reputation.

Toronto Social Media Marketing Disasters

Small businesses are not the only ones who will suffer the backlash of a Toronto social media marketing gone wrong. Global food giant Nestle suffered a beating in 2010 when news linking the company to forest destruction spread like wildfire through social media sites like YouTube and Twitter. Computer company ASUS suffered a backlash from social media site users when in 2009, failed to honor the results of an online contest they spearheaded.

When it comes to Toronto social media marketing, businesses need to tread carefully. Transparency, acting with caution and a basic knowledge of online reputation management for Toronto social media marketing are just some of the things that you need to avoid the social media marketing disasters encountered by businesses and organizations below.

Rats In Taco Bell

In 2007, a video of a dozen of rats running around a Taco Bell outlet in New York went viral in YouTube. The video, viewed approximately 2 million times, severely affected the operations of Taco Bell franchises. Taco Bell’s stock performance also took a hit and even today, the company is still recovering from the damage caused by one video. Taco Bell’s experience is one example of how a negative content can spread through Toronto social media marketing channels and affect your business in a matter of days.

Dell Lies, Dell Sucks

One of the most important things to remember in Toronto social media marketing is to listen to what your customers are saying about you and your products. Monitoring feedback is a proactive way of dealing with possible PR disasters that are just waiting to happen.

In 2005, a dissatisfied customer published an article entitled Dell Lies, Dell Sucks. Other consumers who felt the same dissatisfaction over the company’s products and customer service shared their experience as a response to the article. The company found itself in the middle of a PR controversy which snowballed from a single complaint online.

Honda AstroTurfing

You can be sure that content posted in social media sites is seen and ‘scrutinized’ by a million eyes. It is imperative, therefore, to avoid posting questionable content that can backfire on you. This happened to Honda, when one executive, his relationship to the company undisclosed to the public, posted positive comments intended to counter the negative feedback directed at the proposed Honda Crosstour model. He drew the ire of many online users on himself and inadvertently, to his company as well.

By way of background, AstroTurfing is defined as ‘an attempt to manipulate public opinion’ (Wikipedia). It can further be described as an orchestrated effort to promote a personal agenda. In the case of Honda, one person’s attempt to manipulate public opinion backfired and reflected badly on the company.

These examples, along with other social media disasters experiences, show how volatile Toronto social media marketing can be. Bad social media practices can be narrowed down to the following factors:

  • Absence of monitoring and tracking system for consumer concerns and complaints
  • Unresponsive customer service system
  • Focusing solely on self-promotion instead of interaction and establishing relationships with costumers
  • Lack of supporting strategies to maintain Toronto social media marketing

Maintaining Good Toronto Social Media Marketing Practices

Businesses need to abide by a set of social media practices that can help them avoid the aforementioned controversies. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Train your employees on basic communication etiquette and orient them on company policies when it comes to posting inside information about your product/service. Your employees are by extension a representative of your company. Anything they say and post on their social media can be construed as official statement.
  • Appoint a point person who will take charge of all communication concerns, including the strategies in Toronto social media marketing.
  • Plan for the emergencies. Do not wait until disaster strikes. You must be prepared to deal with negative publicity at all times.
  • Always respond. Most people post negative complaints when they receive no response from customer service. Sometimes, acknowledging a comment is all it takes to avoid a full scale PR disaster. Your customer service can be made faster and more efficient when you use Toronto social media marketing
  • Be honest. Negative feedback can be brutal, but take it as opportunities to improve your service and product. Never try to manipulate feedback for your own purpose. Always be transparent with your dealings with clients. Honor the commitments you made through your social media channels. Remember, every move you make is seen by thousands of users online.

Need more tips? Drop us a line and take hold of the advantage of Toronto social media marketing.

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