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Toronto Social Media MarketingThe Internet is a double-edged sword. It makes networking and communication so much easier. At the same time, a single comment online can be blown out of proportion and cause enough damage to completely undo a reputation that took years to build in a matter of seconds. Digital records, good and bad, continue to exist long after the original content has been deleted.

Many small businesses are using Toronto social media marketing to maximize their online presence. However, even if your business is on the top of search engine results, what do these pages say about you? Are potential clients finding the best side of your business or are they reading a particularly damaging feedback about you?

Reputation Management With Toronto Social Media Marketing

With everything a free game on the Internet, online reputation management is a skill set that is fast becoming a necessary requirement in Toronto social media marketing. The Internet is a volatile place and small businesses need to tread carefully to keep their online reputation spotless.

You may think that online reputation is no big deal. Think again. Online reputations matter. According to the survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, 84% of Americans say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews (

Consumers, business partners and the media are among the people who will be using the Internet to find out more about you. Imagine the damage that your business will be taking in when your online reputation is marred by negative comments.

What do you do when your every move is scrutinized under the giant microscope that is the worldwide web? Here are some tips that can help your business manage its online reputation.

Create your reputation

People can easily create a negative buzz about you when you do not have an online presence to begin with. Your reputation should begin with you.

Make sure to have positive content available online. You can do this by posting materials on your site and submitting news to article repositories such as ArticleBase and Ezine Articles. Additionally, ensure that all your Toronto social media marketing handles are regularly updated.

Be proactive

Being proactive rather than reactive is the best defense against a negative online publicity. Toronto social media marketing is not just about promoting your business online but also about preventing full-blown public relation disasters.

Constantly monitor what people say about you, your brand, your products – you should even monitor the feedback about the key executives of your business. Tools like Google Alerts can greatly aid you monitor web results for negative content against you.

Immediately respond to potential concerns posted by customers. Learn how to use Toronto social media marketing for customer service

Prepare before you respond

Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent a negative comment from happening. What do you when you find damaging content online?

Be cautious when responding to negative comments and reviews. Before responding, assess the situation. Does the comment/review warrant a response? Determine which posts are relevant and legitimate concerns. Doing so will help you become better prepared to deal with these situations.

When responding to negative comments/review, try to figure out the root cause. If the problem stems from a misconception or is unwarranted, provide the facts and information to set the matters straight. If there is a basis behind the negative reaction, discuss the matter with the user and try to resolve the problem.

If the problem was caused by a mistake in your part, do not be afraid to apologize. However, your response should not end with the apology. Offer potential solutions (such as a possible refund) and give your assurance that your business will be better and that these situations will not happen again.

Toronto Social Media Marketing Learning Experience

When responding to negative comments/reviews, remember to keep calm. Do not be defensive. Maintain an open mind, genuinely read through the comments you get and be honest with your responses.

Finally, take every feedback you get from your Toronto social media marketing as a learning experience. Learn from it in order to handle your online reputation better.

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