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Toronto social media marketingMobile phones are fast becoming the main channels for communication. In areas where Internet and PC penetration is rare or non-existent, people turn to mobile technologies and mobile technology options to access information online.

It is interesting to note that social media applications are among the most used mobile applications. According to Flurry, a mobile analytics company, social networking apps are the most used applications for smart phones, be it for the iPhone or Android-based mobiles.

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Moreover, a study conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that 81% of users utilize their mobile phones to find information. A total of 66% of users say that most of the times, they are not in front of the computer when they need answers, hence they turn more and more to mobile phones for solutions.

Furthermore, 55% of the respondents to a poll said that they use mobile phones to find local reviews and 63% of the respondents said that these reviews play a part in their decisions.

Changing Toronto Social Media Marketing Landscape With Mobile Technologies

These numbers highlights the importance of having businesses utilize Toronto social media marketing strategies to reach more clients and consumers. Mobile technology has changed the way we use social media. It has transformed social media from something that is mostly social nature into a tool for gaining useful information while on the go.

The sharing feature inherent in most social media has made information exchange even faster than before. To keep up with this pace, businesses need to have Toronto social media marketing strategies in place. As mobile technologies have allowed anyone with mobile phones to access the Internet, businesses must be prepared to provide relevant content and frequent updates.

Moreover, businesses may also need to consider mobile applications development to tap into the vast mobile users market. Mobile app development may very well be the next phase in Toronto social media marketing.

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In terms of content, the emergence of mobile access has meant that businesses need to be ready content specific for different target niches. Brevity will likewise be the name of the game when it comes to Toronto social media marketing going mobile. Mobile content will need to be easily accessible, structured as short but informative updates.

Just like Toronto social media marketing, businesses need to pay attention to the developments in the mobile arena. Social media and mobile technology are tied with each other. Anticipating the changes brought about by mobile technologies to Toronto social media marketing can help you take advantage of opportunities beyond the Internet.

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