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social media marketing TorontoPeople often ignore LinkedIn as a social media marketing Toronto tool. This oversight can cost a small business much in terms of networking connections and potential customers. LinkedIn has gone from being a simple site for showcasing your resume to a social media marketing Toronto platform, focusing primarily on building a network of business contacts for its users.

Social Media Marketing Toronto And LinkedIn – Building Networks and Contacts

How is this helpful for business and social media marketing Toronto? A well-maintained profile in LinkedIn can give a small business the exposure and connection it needs to expand their market, meet new customers and partners, and earn more profit.

This opportunity can easily be taken advantage of when you create a LinkedIn profile for your business. Here are some tips on how you can create a great LinkedIn page which you can utilize for your social media marketing Toronto:

1. Create a clear headline

One of the first things that people see in your LinkedIn page is your headline. Your headline should therefore be clear, easily understandable and concise. Immediately state the main points and highlights of what you do as a LinkedIn professional. Avoid vague and colloquial terms as not everyone may understand what it means.

Be sure that your headline states who you are, what you do and what position you are looking for. Moreover, your summary should explain what you can do for your potential client. Highlight your strengths and how it can be utilized to achieve a certain goal.

2. Be a professional – even in your profile picture

It is important to bear in mind that LinkedIn is not your ordinary social media site. Whereas other social media marketing Toronto sites capitalize on social relationships, LinkedIn focuses on building links between professionals whose goal is to either recruit workers or land a job.

Be professional in everything you do, including your profile photo. Choose a photo that is formal in tone. The same thing goes for business. Use your official logo for your profile and avoid uploading personal photos for your business LinkedIn page. Reserve your more casual photos for personal social media marketing Toronto sites like Facebook.

Treat your LinkedIn page with care. Do not upload anything that you would not want employers to see in real life.

3. Follow relevant LinkedIn profile pages

The follow feature is one of the more notable features that businesses can take advantage of in LinkedIn for social media marketing Toronto. You can use your LinkedIn page to follow companies that are similar to you to be up to date on trends and developments in your niche. You can also opt to follow enterprises you hope to establish a partnership with in the future.

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4. Be in LinkedIn

Let your employees sign up for LinkedIn profile as well to further maximize your business’ exposure in LinkedIn. Encourage your employees to highlight their skills and expertise in relation to your business when creating their LinkedIn pages.

5. Build a following

You can’t actively engage in social media marketing Toronto in LinkedIn if you have no followers. You need to build your following if your LinkedIn page is to be a reliable source information and update about your business.

Offer exclusive rewards for following in order to encourage people to follow your Linked In page. Ensure that all your other social media marketing Toronto tools have links pointing towards your LinkedIn page.

6.Stay active

A LinkedIn page can only be effective if you regularly use it and maintain it. Interacting is still the concept behind LinkedIn – you need to actively use it to connect with other businesses and build your contact list. You need to develop a real presence in LinkedIn in order for you to make your social media marketing Toronto efforts a success.

You can remain active by contributing information in your page, participating in discussions and joining groups.

Building a great LinkedIn page is just the start of an effective social media marketing Toronto campaign. Drop us an email to gain even more information about social media marketing Toronto.

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