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social media marketing TorontoYou have done all you can to ensure a successful social media marketing Toronto campaign. You have created your social media accounts, generated your content and optimized the information about you and your products. Where do you go from here? Evaluate your efforts, of course.

In the case of social media marketing Toronto, you measure the success of your campaign and determine the kind of impact it has generated for your business. Evaluation, however, requires measurable standards and context. In order to do this, you need to benchmark your social media marketing Toronto efforts.

Benchmarking Social Media Marketing Toronto Performance

Benchmarking is defined as measuring the quality of an organization’s policies, strategies and products as compared with standard measurements or similar measures used by similar organizations/peers. The objective of benchmarking is basically determining factors which contribute to the success or detriment of the organization and using this knowledge to improve performance.

How do you get started with benchmarking? Here are some information and tips to help you out:

1. Determine your standard measurements

Many people go into social media marketing Toronto without having an idea of what they want to measure. Standards of measurements are important in determining social media marketing Toronto impact. You need to set up these parameters in order to put your social media results in the context of performance results and ROIs.

The most common standard measure used to quantify social media marketing is clicks. You can gauge audience activity in your social media accounts based on the number of clicks your content receives.

Social Media Marketing Toronto Performance – The CPF Benchmark

However, clicks are hardly enough to present a thorough picture of your social media marketing Toronto performance. To put these clicks into context, determine your click per follower (CPF) rate. You can do this by dividing your click information (in Facebook, you can get this information from your page insights) by the number of your followers/fans.

This helps you frame your social media marketing Toronto data within a set context. A content with 100 clicks from a following of 50 has performed better than a content with 100 clicks from a following of 500.

Audience size and engagement rates are also measurement standards which determine social media marketing Toronto effectiveness. According to EdgeRank Checker, the more engagement your post gets (comments, shares), the more clicks it will receive. A bigger audience size definitely comes to play when it comes to engaging followers, but a small audience size can also facilitate a more engaging atmosphere.

2. Measure actual accomplishments with goals

Reached your target of 10,000 Facebook followers? Give yourself a pat on the back. Goal met!

A good way to monitor the progress of your social media marketing Toronto is to measure your actual accomplishments to your targeted goals. You can benchmark the successful strategies that assisted you in reaching your goal or discard those that had no effect.

3. Compare yourself against the competition

Another way of determining a successful social media marketing Toronto performance is to pit yourself against your peers. Look towards social media “superstars” and see how they use their tools. Compare your strategies with theirs to determine which ones are worth keeping.

You can also gain new social media marketing Toronto ideas and insights when you measure yourself against a competition. These can help you further improve your strategies for a more effective social media marketing Toronto.

Are your strategies for social media marketing Toronto giving delivering results? Talk to us and learn more about giving your business the edge with social media marketing Toronto.

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