Local Directory Listings + Online Business Reputation + On-Site Local SEO + Website Promotion + Multiple Google 1st page listings + Local Paid Search Engine Advertising + Social Media Marketing

The Platinum Plan is for small businesses with a website that wants multiple listings on the first page of Google. This plan is our top tier plan. We will work with only one company in each niche per locale. If you want to dominate Google for your niche, this is the plan for you.

  1. Always ON 24 / 7 / 365 custom business listings in the top 3 largest online local business directories Google, Yahoo & Bing
  2. 20+ additional important local Canadian business directories (yearly renewal & resubmission fee)
  3. Always ON 24 / 7 / 365 online business reputation monitoring (know when someone mentions or writes a review about your business online so you can make sure your business’s good reputation is always safe)
  4. A thorough and expert review and report on how to best optimize your website to give you the best chance at getting a first page listing in Google for your primary market keywords (the keywords most used by your prospective customers to find your services or products)
  5. A totally custom Google local online marketing plan with specific competition beating strategies and tactics.
  6. Implementation of your custom Google local online marketing plan to ensure your website gets a first page Google local listing.
  7. A totally custom Google local online marketing plan with specific competition beating strategies and tactics that include powerful link building through article marketing, online press releases, video creation, video marketing & mass video syndication and building of additional online properties.
  8. Implementation of your custom Google local online market “domination” plan to ensure your business gets more than one first page Google listing. For each additional first page Google listing your company gets, one of your competitors will be pushed off of the first page of Google making your business look more like the “authority” and “local market leader” giving your business the best chance at getting the most customers.
  9. Local online paid search engine advertising on Google will give your business additional competition crushing, brand building and lead generation advantage. Imagine the increased Business awareness and brand building power of having your business Ad appear every time a prospect does a search for one of your competitors’ business names. Sneaky but VERY effective.
  10. Everyone is on the hottest and fastest growing online social networking websites Facebook and Twitter and all leading businesses must be where their customers are in order to capture market share and build a strong, faithful following. We will create customized social media marketing plans to take the best advantage of these red hot viral online networking communities to give your business the market advantage.

* Note: We will only work with one company per niche in each locale. This is a monthly plan and cost is based on your specific business type and the difficulty level of your online market competition.

 Posted on : December 27, 2010

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